In the Eternal City you defenately look for fantastic locations to shoot picures with. Here are some suggestions with places for your beatiful picutres and selfie.

Panoramic Views of Rome

> Sunset

Giardino degli aranciSunset view from Orange Garden (Giardino agli Aranci)

Pincian Hill (Terrazza del Pincio) by Villa Borghese has the best view of the city at sunset in the main piazza. Just a short 5-10 minute walk from the metro stations Flaminio or Spagna you will find yourself in one of the most famous parks of Rome to explore and then to catch the sunset at.

PincioNight view from Pincian Hill (Terrazza del Pincio)

To reach Pincian Hill from from Alessandro Palace & Bar (Via Vicenza 42, 00185, Rome):
Take Metro Line A from Termini Station for Battistini direction and get off at Flaminio stop.
After several miutes walk you will be at the Pincian Hill.
It takes about 20 minutes.

Also Aventine Hill (Aventino) is highly recommended. Visit Orange Garden (Giardino delgi Aranci) for the panorama, and before or after, it is a inevitable option you pass by Piazza Dei Cavalieri Di Malta and look into the famous keyhole of the Knights of Malta.

Aventine KeyholeKeyhole of the Knights of Malta (at Piazza dei Cavalieri)

To reach the Orange Garden from Alessandro Palace & Bar (Via Vicenza 42, 00185, Rome):
Take Metro Line B from Termini Station for Laurentina direction and get off at Circo Massimo stop then 15 min. walk up on the Aventine Hill.
It takes about 30-40 minutes.

> Sunrise
Janiculum Hill (Gianicolo)
has a perfect view of Rome while the sun rises. Looking from the piazza you will see the numerous domes and bell towers across the horizon light up at the start of your day and it’s a sight not to be missed.

Gianicolo-albaView from Janiculum Hill (Gianicolo)

To reach the Janiculum Hill from Alessandro Palace & Bar (Via Vicenza 42, 00185, Rome):
Take Bus No.40 (express) or No.64 from Piazza dei Cinquecento at Roma Termini station (starting terminal) and get off at Ponte Vittorio Emanuele stop then 1 minute walk to Bus depot Paola from where take Bus No. 870 and get off at P.le Garibaldi G. stop.
The trip takes about 50-60 minutes.

> During the day
Another spot for Rome’s best panorama, the top of Cupola of St. Peter’s Baslica.
Travel tip: To visit the Baslica is free and to climb up to the cupola you need to purchase a ticket.
Thre are two types of tickets:
8€ ticket for all the way up to the top on your owan foot, with 551 steps of stair cases.
10€ ticket partily with elevator then 320 steps of stair cases.
After the narrow corridor stepping up to the top (not easy sometimes), the view opens up in front of you will be spectacular.

St. Peter's DomeView from the Cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica Dome

To reach the Vatican City from Alessandro Palace & Bar (Via Vicenza 42, 00185, Rome):
Take Metro line A from Roma Termini station for Battistini direction.
Get off at Ottaviano stop then 10 minutes on foot to the St. Peter’s square (Piazza di San Pietro).
It takes about 30-40 minutes.

Know the monuments you want to see

Do your research about the city and figure out what else you want to see other than the Colosseum and the Vatican City. Rome is filled with so much history and places to see that having a bit of a plan of what you want to see is a good idea so you canmake sure to fit as much of it in as possible during your stay. Don’t forget the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Piazza Barberini, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Venezia and more. Also keep in mind that some of the sights may be under construction for cleaning or fixing, so find out which places will be in the best shape for you to see during the period you are in Rome.
In case you do not have enough time to plan where to visit, once you arrive at the hostel, our reception staff are happy to help you, suggesting the best stopts according to your plan and interests!

piazza navonaNavona Square (Piazza Navona)


Drink coffee in the Italian way by having an espresso any time of the day or a cappuccino before midday and fall in love with coffee the way the Italians have. Find a shop labeled ‘Bar’ on the outside and it means you have found the perfect Italian shop to experience an espresso in a true Italian style. Inside there will usually be small sandwiches, sweets and other snacks as well as even cigarettes and lottery tickets sold behind the counter.
Your find will be a perfect location to stand at the counter, have a quick sandwich and finish off with an Italian espresso. A true Italian experience to be had.

espress-cappucinoEspresso vs Cappuccino


Having pasta anywhere in Italy is an absolute must. Make sure to order either the Carbonara or the Amatriciana style pastas in any restaurant and experience how they were originally made – your taste buds will go crazy with happiness. Or find something that looks good on the menu and give it a try.
The best restaurants to have a good pasta at will be the small ones with a pasta plate priced around six to eight Euros, these are the ones that give you the best prices and the best true Italian tastes.
Our suggestion is for tipical Roman cuisine :
the Bramble Bar & Kitchen (Via Vicenza 40, 00185, Rome) – Tel: +39 06 44702162 / Cel.&Whasapp: +39 350 061 7254 /  / website:

Spaghetti alla CarbonaraSpaghetti alla Carbonara from Strada Romana Restaurant (Roman Cuisine)

City Travel

> Morning/Afternoon
If you are staying in center, which means close to Termini or the main Roman monuments, then walk the city instead of taking the metro or the buses. Grab a map (or your smartphone with GPS) outlining the major monuments and main roads and take a stroll.
The city is surprisingly easily walkable and you will not regret the kilometers and time spent to get from place to place because around each corner is something amazing to see. Whether it’s an old church, architecture above the street levels shops, wineshopts or even little restaurants and cafes, you will find something worth seeing more than you would by taking the metro or buses, so walking through the city will not be a disappointment, after your tours of the Colosseum or Vatican of course.

> Evening
If you have walked around the city and want a break, then take the buses in the evening. During the day they are completely full of locals and tourists and very uncomfortable, but in the evening, after about six, they are less busy and more comfortable. So if you want to get to that Italian restuarant you passed earlier on your walk, then grab a bus back to that area. And don’t worry, there are buses that run all night, so there is always a way to get back to where you are staying if you don’t want to take taxis.
Travel Tip: It is always recommended to purchase bus tickets in advance as it is not sold onboard.

Vatican at nightThe Vatican in the evening

> Shopping
If you have seen the famous street Via del Corso and realized that many of the shops are too expensive for you, then find the markets scattered throughout the city. They are filled with souveniors, clothes, Italian food and more.
Testaccio market is one of these, located near to the metro station Pyramide and it’s filled with everything from food to clothes. A very Italian food market to definitely see on your trip is Eataly. Here you will find Italian products of all kinds from wine to pasta to cheese. And if you want to sit and have a meal there are areas throughout the store selling dishes made from the products for sale. If you are in Rome on a Sunday then be sure to check out the Porta Portese market located near the Trastevere area. It is known as the main flea market of Rome. During the day if you are in centre of Rome. The open market at Campo de’ Fiori is also a good choice.

Campo de' FioriOpen market at Campo de’ Fiori

> Rome at Night
Don’t forget to see the Eternal City illuminated after the sun goes down. It is one of the most magical experiences walking through the city with the lights, especially the fountains and piazzas that are scattered throughout.

Rome at n ightBasilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere and Castel Sant’Angelo

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