Hostel Alessandro Palace & Bar during COVID-19:

Alessandro Palace & Bar, found in one of the oldest alleys of Rome, is the best COVID-19 friendly structure where one can feel safe and enjoy their stay with zero preoccupations. Our Hostel provides all the safety measures necessary to feel at ease with the surroundings, staff and our adventurous travellers. 

door sign covid-19

Displayed at the entrance of our Hostel are posters promoting hygiene and sanitary procedures. We also present our clients with a Sanitary Certificate issued by an authorized governmental inspection agency that confirms the safety of our structure.

sanitized certificate

Throughout our building we provide clients with further posters on safety measures as well as hand sanitizers in common places around the workplace.

Disposable masks and hand sanitizier
For those who are in need of a face mask, soap or a hand sanitizer, our dispensaries are perfectly equipped with these essentials allowing clients to purchase what they are looking for without leaving the Hostel.


Alessandro Palace has a spacious kitchen which is cleaned and sanitized daily by our staff.

social distancing indicated

Our lounge which can be found parallel to the kitchen follows the same procedures and there is enough space for clients to maintain the correct social distancing measures.

Covid-19 safety measure

We want our clients to feel comfortable in every angle of our Hostel in order to feel at home. All the rooms have become more spacious, we have decreased our bed space and every room is adequately sanitized, in order to successfully meet all the COVID-19 safety requirements.

Open air roof top bar

Hostel Alessandro Palace is home to one of the most awaited locations by our new and veteran clients, our Rooftop. An open air and spacious Rooftop that provides our travellers with a place to relish their cold and refreshing drinks in the evening.
Even in this fun and shared space our staff has made sure to include social distancing and safety measures allowing our clients to feel safe while still enjoy the skies and ambience of our eternal city Rome.

Our community is working day and night to guarantee the well-being of our clients and Alessandro Palace & Bar by all means is the #1 option for a fun, safe and memorable stay smile

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